Welcome to Cornerstone Counseling!

At Cornerstone you'll find a warm, friendly, and highly experienced team of Christian therapists available to help you in a variety of areas. From the moment you call our office, you’ll be greeted by our incredibly helpful office staff that will help you to feel that you are our number one priority.

At Cornerstone, we also value your time. With rare exception, you’ll be able to count on your appointments starting and ending on time. We know that you live a busy life and you don’t need to spend it sitting in a waiting room. That’s our promise to you.

When choosing a counseling center, no one wants to wait for a month to be seen. Your needs are real and they are pressing. At Cornerstone we have multiple therapists, making your ability to been seen soon a reality. Our office staff will work with you to get you an appointment often the same week that you call.